Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yeah, I Thought So

One of my glib thoughtless comments during the madcap live blog of Bush’s speech last night was this:

8:13 - 160,000 security forces trained and equipped? Someone's going to look that up, right? Because that's more than we have U.S. soldiers for crying out loud. I started writing this sentence before he even said the number. I knew the number he was going to say would be at least three times what I thought it could possibly be in a perfect world.
I knew someone would be fact checking that bad boy, and I knew that someone was going to be Think Progress.
Fact: According to the Brookings Institution, as of May 2005, only 50,000 troops were proficient and well-equipped. [Brookings, 6/3/05]
I must say I’m as shocked and appalled as Senator Dorgan was to discover that President Bush would lie about something so important. It’s almost as if he wants to present a picture of Iraq that sounds brighter and more optimistic than reality would allow... Nah... He probably just looked at the wrong chart – maybe the chart with the number of dead Iraqi civilians. Easy mistake to make.


James said...


There is a difference between "troops" and police officers. The Iraqi army probably only does have 50k troops. But add in the police forces, who also count as "security forces" and you get the 160k figure.

emeryroolz said...

Mmmmm, not quite: