Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Theologically Unsound

I have not read, nor do I intend to read The Da Vinci Code. Nevertheless, this bickering between religious figures, Dan Brown and his movie’s producers has got to stop.

Producers of the upcoming movie based on the blockbuster novel "The Da Vinci Code" were not allowed to film in Britain's Westminster Abbey after church officials denounced the book as "theologically unsound."

The 940-year-old London Abbey, where British monarchs are crowned, features in the international murder mystery by U.S. author Dan Brown which has been condemned by the Vatican and Anglican Church leaders for distorting the Christian message.
Guys. Get a grip. Whatever this stupid book is about, does Mr. Brown ever claim it to be non-fiction? Is The Hunchback of Notre Dame theologically sound? Maybe they’re just jealous of the sales figures of The Da Vinci Code. Don’t worry, fellas. Your favorite book is still the best-selling fictional book of all time.

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