Thursday, June 09, 2005

From Sharecropper to Judicial Abomination

It’s nice of the New York Times to hop into the fray and give us a Janice Rogers Brown bio the day after she was confirmed. I know I’ve detailed her failings before, but I may as well make the point again:

"In the heyday of liberal democracy, all roads lead to slavery," she has warned in speeches. Society and the courts have turned away from the founders' emphasis on personal responsibility, she has argued, toward a culture of government regulation and dependency that threatens fundamental freedoms.

"We no longer find slavery abhorrent," she told the conservative Federalist Society a few years ago. "We embrace it." She explained in another speech, "If we can invoke no ultimate limits on the power of government, a democracy is inevitably transformed into a kleptocracy - a license to steal, a warrant for oppression."
And there you have it, her judicial philosophy in a nutshell, a kleptocracy is a society in which the poor and starving are the corrupt thieves, never the corporations with sweatshops and offshore tax shelters. Three words – appointed for life.

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