Thursday, June 30, 2005

But We Have Casinos!

Perhaps I shouldn't say "we" after six years in New York. New York may be where I live, but Detroit will always be home. Oh, what am I talking about, you ask? The Times, for some reason, is looking at the decline of Detroit Rock City this week:

On the op-ed page last Sunday.

And on the front page today.

Bummer about my old town. Although I left, didn't I? I guess I'm not helping. Hey - I like it there, and I know where to go to get a drink, but the bars close at 2 and you have to drive home afterwards. That blows. Love ya, D-Town, but I'm staying put.


emeryroolz said...

As bad as things are in Detroit, there really are signs that they're getting better. The Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings all play downtown now, and the area around Comerica Park and Ford Field is really nice. And Greektown is pretty cool (and tangentially responsible for the existence of the blog, come to think of it). They just need to replicate that one square mileor so about 40 times over. I think if Detroit could construct some sort of decent waterfront area and do something about all those burn-out, abandoned buildings, they'd really be on to something. This next mayoral election is going to be big as far as the future of the city is concerned. If they can get rid of Kwame Killthecity, er, Kilpatrick and get someone like Freman Hendrix in there, things might start to turn around a little more. Unless Ford and GM continue to self-immolate, in which case, Detroit is screwed.

Michael Grant said...

How did Greektown lead to the creation of DoG?

They tried with the Riverfront stuff - they fixed up Hart Plaza, and there's that upriver area aptly named Rivertown with those richy-rich apartments and a few nice restaurants, but that never took off. Probably because it's driving distance from the Greektown/Fox Theater district. And also probably that when people go down to Tigers and Lions games, people just go back up to Troy to the Applebees or Mr. B's or whatever instead of staying and going to all the great restaurants down there. Think about that corridor down Woodward past the Fox - wouldn't that just be the perfect place to have a bunch of cutesy shops and restaurants and bars with outdoor seating? But everything that isn't boarded up is a 99 cent store.

I still miss it sometimes.

emeryroolz said...

It was our first date. I can't beleive you would forget!
(we're not gay, really. not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Michael Grant said...

Aha! Yes, we did meet at an event downtown. As I recall you said something funny, which I then declared funny. After that you hated me for some time.

To be young again...

Sara said...

Did you guys really meet at an event in Greektown? I never knew that-- thought you met at the U, which is how I met you both! :)

By the way, LOVE DoG...keep it coming.

My take on Detroit-- It won't succeed until it gets a REAL public transit system.

Michael Grant said...

Sara! I knew you'd leave us a comment one of these days. Good to "see" ya!

emeryroolz said...

Hi Sara!

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