Monday, June 27, 2005

Apologies All Around

I see that the DoG traffic for Monday was more than quadruple the highest traffic we've ever had. I also see that everyone was coming to my post entitled Respect the Cock. It was a post about Tom Cruise and his erratic behavior of late. The title refers, of course, to a line of his from the fine film Magnolia by hipster director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Considering the traffic, I'm forced to assume that many if not most of you were dropping in hoping that I had the goods on Tom Cruise's junk. I honestly had no intention of misleading anyone. As it happens Delusions of Grandeur is a mostly political, sometimes pop culture commentary weblog. No goods. No junk. We extend our full apologies to anyone who found themselves browsing our site under false pretenses. But we hope you'll stick around and learn something you hadn't heard before.

Our best.
Editors of DoG

1 comment:

emeryroolz said...

Speak for yourself! I have both goods AND junk, and I'll be happy to share mine with anyone who asks.