Thursday, June 30, 2005

What, Me Take Hostages?

So, this hard-line, ultra-conservative guy gets elected President of Iran. They put his face on the TV. And this happens:

A quarter-century after their 444-day ordeal at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, several former hostages say Iran's hardline president-elect, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was one of their captors.

"As soon as I saw the face, it rang a lot of bells to me," Don Sharer, of Bedford, Indiana, told CNN. He had served as the embassy's naval attache when the hostage-taking occurred.

"...Take 20 years off of him. He was there. He was there in the background, more like an adviser."
The Iranians say no way, but several former hostages say yes way. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out. I wonder how a guy like this got elected, what with all the supposed democratic reform in the Middle East. Oh, oh yeah. Bush decided to shoot is mouth off. Nice going, Chimpy McFlightsuit.

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Michael Grant said...

Too bad Reagan is dead or maybe he could talk to this dude about getting some meaningful reforms. After all, they have a long history together, don't they?