Monday, June 27, 2005

Debate Over Cheney's Health

Lines are being drawn in the sand here at DoG HQ. I made reference to Cheney possibly being a replicant from the brilliant Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. My idiot coeditor thinks Cheney is more like Adam, the murderous Frankenstein-like monster composed of various demon parts in season four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Here’s where you come in, our faithful readers. This debate must be settled, ideally without the invasion of a sovereign nation. We’ll leave the comments section open for a vote – is Cheney more like Adam or a Blade Runner replicant? Maybe he’s more like another character from popular fiction? Let us know… (If you say Darth Vader, we’re going to make fun of you for being pathologically obvious.)


emeryroolz said...

Look at that picture! He's even got some sort of metal, pace-maker thing built in to his chest! Adam! Adam! Adam!

Michael Grant said...

Yeah, I hadn't considered the internal power source angle. That makes for a good point.

But the problem with that is that Adam had a very detailed plan to kill off the Scoobies and, I don't remember, rule the world? Cheney isn't much for the planning. He's more like crazygonuts and let the chips fall where they may. Although I do imagine that he is probably interested in creating an army of human/demon hybrids.