Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What Do I Do, Mommy?

We find out today why no one covered the Downing Street Memo. All of the news agencies in America wanted to cover it, but the AP never told them to.

On Sunday, the ombudsman at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune addressed readers' complaints about the paper's lack of Downing memo coverage. According to that account, the paper's nation/world editor, Dennis McGrath, was aware of the memo story when it broke in May, and he and his deputies "began watching for a wire story. A week later, they were still watching. 'We were frustrated the wires weren't providing stories on this,' McGrath said." The paper eventually assigned the story to a local reporter.
I'm not pissing on the AP. For the most part, I find them one of the most unbiased news outlets around. They're certainly better than the "paper of record." No. The point is that this is exhibit 429 in the case of people v. lazy, lazy mainstream media.

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