Thursday, June 09, 2005

As Long As They Have Their Priorities Straight

This is outrageous. Outrageous! I live in New York, and if I recall correctly, we were attacked with spectacular effect by terrorists a few years ago. Did you hear about it? A bunch of people died. And as I understand it, we’re still pretty unprotected – there’s this chemical plant right up the Hudson, you see. It goes mostly unguarded and with even the smallest bomb, there could be hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers dead, including yours truly and Ethan Hawke. But what is the New York legislature working on, you ask?

Amid growing criticism of the Postal Service's role in shipping tax-free cigarettes bought illegally over the Internet, a bill was introduced on Wednesday in the House of Representatives that would ban delivery of cigarettes and other tobacco products through the mail.
Oh yeah! Make sure we keep people from buying a LEGAL product by LEGAL means. You can buy a book or a CD or even junk food on the internet, but let’s attack those SMOKERS. They’re evil!

The only question is how long until they allow flogging in the streets and creating a national registry of smokers like sex offenders. Yeah, make them go door to door and announce to their neighbors that they SMOKE and that their children aren’t safe within a 50 foot radius. Jesus Christ, people! Yes, cigarettes kill; I understand that. But either make them illegal, or drop it!

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emeryroolz said...

So you'd prefer to let Al Qaeda kill us all slowly with cigarettes? Why do you hate America? I'm sure the Patriot Act will soon contain clauses to deal with the likes of you, Wheezy...