Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More on the Freaky Cult

Salon has day two of Scientology week today. Read it; it further explores how batshit crazy this crap is. In today’s piece, poor Laura Miller was forced (at gunpoint, as I understand it) to read Dianetics, the Scientology bible. She has too many money quotes to put here, but the one that sums it up best:

From reading "Dianetics" alone, you can glean a picture of Hubbard as a man wrestling with mental illness, who saw his mind as a potentially superhuman machine beset by invaders and parasites. Without knowing anything about his life, you can tell that this is someone raised in an environment of betrayal, secrecy, bullying and violence, someone who stands a good chance of re-creating the same conditions in his adult life if he's not careful. You can figure out all of this just from reading "Dianetics," like I did. Then, afterward, you can go on the Web and check out the many sites devoted to critiquing Scientology and documenting the truth about Hubbard. Chances are what you find there won't surprise you at all.
You’ll find a good link to Scientology debunking here and more of my take on it here.

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