Monday, February 06, 2006

Someone Needs to Stage an Intervention

So... I was watching television yesterday. I guess there was some sort of game on or something... (I think I heard rumors that one of the American footballers, Jerome someone, might be from Detroit? I'll have one of the unpaid DoG interns look into that.) In any case, I saw this Hummer commercial. I guess you gotta give Hummer credit for something – they really know their target audience, i.e. – people so rich they feel that they don’t have to give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

First it was a kid destroying his own dog's doghouse, (stealing resources from the less fortunate), building a Hummer and driving it apeshit down a mountainside nearly killing everyone in his path.

This new one sports a monster and a robot, both with the seemingly single-minded purpose of destroying a major city, who mate and spawn a Hummer (which will henceforth be known on these pages as a robot-animal hybrid). This metaphor for the Hummer is even more on the nose than the screw-the-homeless, go-fuck-yourself-if-you-don't-like-it box car derby ad. "We will rise up and destroy all living things." Great. Go General Motors!

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