Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Does Anyone Care What the Democrats Say?

I didn't feel like watching the tepid response to the SOTU. But DoG contributor The Minority Whip did. This is her summary:

Hello! I am the new governor of Virginia and I love God. Also, I love Virginia! We are the best state and also our credit rating is outstanding.

There's a better way! Wanna borrow some money to purchase some switchgrass? No? Of course not! That is because you are competent, and you love your children, and you would never leave them in debt.

There's a better way! Here in Virginia, we have no debt! Also, we have no sad old people, no dumb children, and all the woodchips we can eat.

There's a better way! Have I mentioned lately that Virginia is awesome? Or the better way? I know: You are used to cronyism in government, but not here in super-bipartisan, way-awesome Virginia! We do things different!

There's a better way! You should demand things to be different, too. Or, hey! Just move to Virginia! It's for lovers!

There's a better way!
Sounds 'bout right.

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Matthew Smith said...

He'd still be a better choice in '08 than a former VP who's name has all of a sudden resurfaced in the Presidential candidate buzz bin...