Friday, February 03, 2006

How Much Would Jesus Pay His Slaves?

This steaming pile of hypocrisy speaks for itself.

SALT LAKE CITY -- A rehabilitation program at a church is facing allegations it forced people to work as telemarketers for 28 cents an hour under the threat they could go back to jail.

The men were sent to the program by judges or state agencies for substance abuse rehabilitation. A department report said they were paid about 28 cents an hour, but even those wages were withheld and donated to the church.
Who am I to judge? Maybe their crazy messiah guy -- Joe? Tim? -- said slavery was like totally rad or something. Freedom of religion, right?

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hamilcar said...

Ah, the embarrassing issue of slavery. If you read Paul's letter to Phileomon in the New Testament, you find that he basically tells the newly-converted runaway slave to go back to his master.

Of course, slavery is "out" nowadays (except in Utah), so we rationalize Paul's letter as only applying to that particular time. But on other issues such as homosexuality and women's rights, we assert that Paul's teachings remain in effect even in today's world.