Friday, February 24, 2006

Anything for a Buck

If any of you doubt the main thesis of Michael Moore's over-the-top yet poignant Fahrenheit 9/11 demonstrating that the Bush family will sacrifice anything to make more money, nothing makes the point more clearly than this bungled ports deal.

And if you still aren't sold on Michael Moore or perhaps have bought into Bush's preferred "If you don't like this deal then you're a racist" storyline, read Joe Conason's column this morning. The Bush family has invested heavily in Dubai. If the port deal goes through, they stand to make a mint.

All of it, everything Bush has ever done, has been to make more money for himself or his friends. Period. He doesn't care about national security. He doesn't care about gays. He doesn't care about abortion. He doesn't care about you. He sees dollar signs. His policies only serve one of two purposes – to make more money (when you start a war, you start the war profiteering), or to gain more power and influence so as to be re(?)elected, taking us back to purpose one. That's it. Name a policy and I'll walk you down the money trail.

It's called compassionate conservatism.

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Mike said...

But wait... he supposedly didn't even know about the ports deal until it was on the CNN! So, on damage control, did he have to ask himself if he knew about it and showed himeself to be all about the benjamins, or he didn't know about it and was just an idiot... Well, that's worked in the past for him I guess...