Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Booby Trap

Bush went out of his way to cry like a baby in his SOTU that the mean-ol' Democrats and enough Republicans with a conscience wouldn't sign on to his kill social security plan. He even promised a new commission to "study" the "problem" which is Washington-speak for deader than dead.

But like a brain eating zombie rising from the grave, not only is Bush's social security privatization boondoggle alive, it's in the new budget Bush just sent to congress! (By the by - it only costs $712 billion over seven years, according to Bush's always 100% honest mathematronics.)

Shit. So I guess we gotta get back on the stick and start bitching about it all over again.

This man is a single-minded killing machine. The terrorists who attacked us were from Saudi Arabia and live in Afghanistan, Mr. President. "Yeah, we definitely gotta attack Iraq. Yeah, definitely attack Iraq." No one likes your social security plan, Mr. President, not the Senate, not the House, not the American people. "Yeah, we gotta privatize social security. Yeah. Privatize social security." You should turn on the news, Mr. President, New Orleans is completely flooded. People are dying waiting for food and water! "Wapner's on in five minutes. Yeah, definitely gotta watch Wapner."


Anonymous said...

Man, don't bash autistics by comparing us to that fuckwit president... Unlike him, we actually have intelligence, compassion, and (despite some claims based on how we look) empathy. In fact, we're among the groups he wants to see locked away in institutions or homeless on the street through his attempts to dismantle the social programs that support those of us that are disabled! It's no better to use a reference to our kind in describing him than it would be to use blacks, gays, or any of the other groups he'd like to see find a way to get rid of.

emeryroolz said...

So, Bush is a single-minded killing machine... like Rainman? Personally, I was waiting for some "Kill Sarah Connor" jokes or something.

Michael Grant said...

It's called a sloppy mixed metaphor – deal. How many more Peabody Awards do I need?

I wasn't comparing Bush to autistics, I was comparing him to a character in a fictional movie who would become obsessed with singular ideas. I would vote for you without knowing a thing about you, Anonymous, before I'd vote for Bush.