Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What Else Is Their Too Say?

Slate’s Bruce Reed found a funny line from the Post’s story about Ms. Miers this morning.

"As Bush's staff secretary, she was known to correct spelling, grammar and even punctuation errors in memos to the president. But she has no judicial experience and not much appellate experience."
Ive changed my upinion, about Herret Myers. Spling and punkchutation is way more imporant then judgy thingees. Two bad she cudent fix Bushs "nukyular" problim.


Matthew Smith said...

I don't know...even New York's great senior senator agrees that "it could have been a lot worse." Schumer must know what Harry Reid and I know all too well, that Miers, "... answers her phone calls immediately."

If you've ever tried to get that bastard Scalia to call you back, you'd understnd.

Nate Wazoo said...

I suppose that whole "hook-ed on p-honics" program might have helped a bit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, as if Bush would notice an error! Too bad she can't do anything about his speeches. He is SO emarrassing. But if you watch any public official on TV, you know that grammar and correct word-usage are NOT priorities. Especially that press secretary. My God!
They all try to come off sounding intelligent, but they only succeed in sounding pompous and stupid. They should be allowed to use only words of which they know the meaning.

Matthew Smith said...

That *is* emarrassing. Imagine: an honest splling eror. Thatz craizy.