Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NEWS FLASH: Giving Law Enforcement Nearly Unlimited Powers Might Lead to Abuse!

Long story short: the FBI might be abusing the PATRIOT ACT.

Records turned over as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit also indicate that the FBI has investigated hundreds of potential violations related to its use of secret surveillance operations, which have been stepped up dramatically since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks but are largely hidden from public view.
In other cases, agents obtained e-mails after a warrant expired, seized bank records without proper authority and conducted an improper "unconsented physical search," according to the documents.

CNN had a similar article, which ends hilariously:
The ACLU, which has led the fight against the expanded federal powers, issued a statement saying, "The revelation was only further proof that Patriot Act reforms are needed."

But the FBI official rejected the argument, saying the process of reporting every potential violation of even the most technical mistakes is a 20-year-old practice that long predates the Patriot Act.

Hee hee, nice defense: "Hey, don't blame the PATRIOT ACT! We've been incompetent fuck-wits who can't remember to file the proper paperwork or set up legal wiretaps for 20 years!"

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