Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Idle Thought of the Day

President Bush is fond of saying, “There is no litmus test for Supreme Court justices,” which in the first place is a blatant lie. But in any case, do you actually think Bush even knows what litmus paper is?


Anonymous said...

Oh, as if he would take a blasphemous science class. And by the way, I'm tired of hearing how a judge deserves a "fair up-or-down vote" and how the the investigation process shouldn't take so long because it's not fair to the candidate. Give me a break! We will be stuck with people for a (very long) lifetime, and they can't undergo a long process? Poor Roberts! 22 whole hours! I feel so bad!

Matthew Smith said...

I don't understand your point. Why should anyone care about about a prospective Justice's pH anyway?