Monday, October 10, 2005

Personal Message

I would like to take a moment to wish my good friend and avid DoG reader Sara a fantastic, happy, transcendent birthday today. Would that we could see each other more often, but alas, she has chosen a lesser "big" city in which to live. When are you going to give up on the midwest, Sara?

Happy Birthday!


Sara said... own entry on I know I've made it! Thank you, Michael, and right back at ya...;)

While we'll never be the Big Apple, we do our best to shine as the cultural/political center of the Flyover States. Oh, yeah, and sports, too-- Go Sox!

p.s. Ask me again about living in the midwest when December hits...

Michael Grant said...

Go anyone who isn't the Yankees!

Matthew Smith said...

Chicago's winter is identical to New York' me, I've been here 15 months - I should know.

Also, Chicago does not fall in a "flyover state". The hell that is O'Hare -- with international flights galore and dubious domestic carreir hubs -- makes Illinois a layover state.