Friday, February 11, 2005

In Court, They Call It Negligent Homicide

Now that the election is over and all the do-nothings of the first term have been officially promoted, we finally see the proof of the gross incompetence of the Bush Administration. Here is a recently declassified memo written by Richard Clarke to Condoleezza Rice on January 25th, 2001 - five days after Bush was inaugurated – in which Mr. Clarke lays down a specific plan of action desperately needed to be taken against al Qaeda.

"We urgently need such a Principals level review on the al Qida network."
Could he have been any clearer? And Mr. Clarke refers to a plan:
"Attached is the year-end 2000 strategy on al Qida developed by the last Administration to give to you."
Developed by whom? Oh yeah, that slacker Bill Clinton. Strange. I remember Condi saying something slightly different:
"No al Qaeda plan was turned over to the new administration."
*sniff sniff* Do you smell something? Is that...? It smells like pants on fire! And how about this one, from Clarke's memo:
"At the close of the Clinton Administration, two decisions about al Qida were deferred to the Bush Administration...

When and How does the Administration choose to respond to the attack on the USS Cole?"
Do you recall during the 9/11 hearings when the Republicans were trying to blame 9/11 on Clinton, they would say, "What did Clinton do after the USS Cole bombing? Nothing!" Here’s why. And it’s documented proof – he didn’t want to step on Bush's toes. It was too close to the end of his term.

What did President Bush do when he got this document? The first thing he did was wait until May and then place Dick Cheney in charge of an anti-terrorism task force. The second thing he did was absolutely nothing. The task force never met, and Cheney refused to so much as read anyone's recommendations. Seven months of sitting around planning how to screw the poor, making up stories about missing computer keys, and clearing brush in Texas. This horrible disaster of a president sat with his thumb up his ass while everyone around him was preparing for a possible major terrorist strike in the United States, and then covered up all the evidence of his and Rice's responsibility for 9/11 until after he was reelected. And now this lazy shit-for-brains is running the country for another four years. What on EARTH does it take to get impeached nowadays?

And what does it take for the even lazier media to get off their asses and do their jobs?!

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