Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Remember those pesky audio tapes that President Bush's friend Doug Wead released to the Times last week? I don't know if Doug was living on Mars the last few years or something, but I guess he wasn't prepared for the backlash. From his website he writes:

A Personal Note: My thanks to those who have let me share my heart and regrets about recent events. Contrary to a statement that I made to the New York Times, I know very well that personal relationships are more important than history. I am asking my attorney to direct any future proceeds from the book to charity and to find the best way to vet these tapes and get them back to the president to whom they belong. History can wait.

Doug Wead
Wow. They must have threatened to kill him, his family and his dog. All because he spoke truth. Bush isn't so much on board with "truth" is he? Dougie should have known better.

But the story is even better than all that. The "liberal" media is in a frenzy.

  • Linda Chavez:
    What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? ... In a city where ambition often trumps decency, Wead may go down as one of Washington's most ruthless confidantes.
    Someone should tell Ms. Chavez about Linda Tripp.

  • An unsigned editorial in the Macon Telegraph:
    Wead is a sleazy opportunist
  • Unsigned editorial in the Indianapolis Star:
    Who needs enemies, Mr. Wead, who needs enemies?
    And as you might guess, they're completely ignoring four important points. 1) He left out all the juicy bits that might have confirmed everything the liberals say about Bush. 2) The right-wing hacks are ignoring the juicy bits that were left in, such as Bush's weed-smoking past, and his all-but-confirmation that he did piles and piles of blow. 3) If someone can be hurt by the truth, maybe that person isn't such a good person to begin with. 4) Bush came after his so-called friend with all the compassion of Nazi stormtroopers. How big of a betrayal can it be if Bush was willing to threaten his "friend's" life seconds after he released the tapes?

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