Sunday, February 06, 2005

Thoughts on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

  • Paul still has the same bass guitar from the old days. Do you think he has those custom made? I seriously doubt that it's the exact same bass he played on Ed Sullivan.

  • Isn't it strange that they'd have an Englishman play the Super Bowl considering how uniquely American football is? Most of the limeys I've met don't even know the rules.

  • "Hey Jude" and "Live and Let Die" were a given. But I thought "Drive My Car" was a nice choice. Rubber Soul is a great record.

  • Paul may have lost the magic, (which is what we'd be saying about John as well, if he wasn't dead), but he's still one of the greatest songwriters ever to have lived.

  • Did they really have the crowd spell out "na" with cards under their seats during "Hey Jude?"

  • Paul was fine, and halftime shows are a pointless waste of time, but I think it's utterly ridiculous that they chose to do something dull and uninteresting because they're so paralyzed by fear of the religious nazis who feel the need to impose their idea of family values on the rest of the thinking people in the world. I mean, it's only him because they know he won't be exposing his breasts during the show. But what does it say about the contemporary music scene that they had to pick a guy who played four songs, the most recent of which was the theme song from a 1970s James Bond film?

  • I'm surprised it's only 7-7 at halftime. I thought I wanted the Eagles to win to stick it to Limbaugh, but Tom Brady went to my alma mater. I've decided that I'd like it if he were considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

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