Tuesday, February 01, 2005

How Far Will We Let Them Go?

Un-fucking-believable! They've changed the rules in the Georgia House. Are you sitting down? The Republicans have taken over in Georgia and came up with this new plan for the Speaker of the House to appoint an unlimited number of "Hawks" who can go to any committee meeting and vote in those meetings.

From the Georgia Chamber of Commerce:
Changes in the rules also outline a new type of committee member, known as a Hawk. These legislators, selected by Speaker Richardson, will serve as an Ex-Officio type of committee member, eligible to attend and vote in any and all committee meetings.

Do you see what that means? If the Speaker hears that a vote might not be going the way HE wants it to go, he can send however many Hawks he needs to make sure he gets his way. Or to put it another way, the Speaker is essentially the dictator of the Georgia Legislature.

More info on this appalling rules change is at www.nohawks.com. Wow.

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