Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lying Is the New Black

This country has become such a shameful place to live. I'm going to Europe in April, and I'm seriously considering buying one of those Go Canadian packages.

Onto the specifics of this particular stain on our nation. Remember the lying assholes who smeared John Kerry in their Swift Boat campaign? I'm sure you already know that they have now started up an AARP smear campaign, which frankly doesn't even make sense. In their effort to put our social security funds into the pockets of Wall Street traders and fund brokers, they've decided to label the AARP anti-military and pro-gay. Ignoring the irrelevance of those "charges," how are they able to get away with lying about the lobby group who represents grandma and grandpa? Thank you, mainstream media.

Moving on to the new smear - a book is coming out next month, Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians.

The book - which Nashville's Cumberland House Publishing won't release till next month - claims Democratic pols are being corrupted by Iranian money and helping the nuke-seeking mullahs in Tehran.
It's enough to turn your stomach, isn't it? This is why we keep losing. We liberals are neither clever nor evil enough to write a whole book of lies in order to get our way politically. We believe the truth is more important than "winning."
"Page 255 says: 'Hassan Nemazee ... one of John Kerry's top fund-raisers in his 2004 presidential campaign, was a board member of the AIC. Nemazee funded a long list of Democratic party candidates. ... At every event where Democratic candidates have been present, the AIC has been certain to press its agenda to restore economic and diplomatic ties between Iran and the United States."
Why they're not concerned with Dick Cheney's actual ties to Iran, I'll never understand.
Yesterday Nemazee - a wealthy Manhattan financier, U.S. citizen and Democratic Party donor who was Kerry's New York fund-raising chairman - told me that Corsi [Swift Boat Lies Alum and author of this book] is risking a slander suit if the book says he's an agent of the Iranian government.

"The concept that I'm a shill for the mullahs flies in the face of reality," said Nemazee, whose family fled Iran after the fall of the shah. "I haven't been back for 26 years, and everything I had was confiscated by them. It is patently ludicrous."

He added: "I wouldn't trust the mullahs as far as I could throw them. My belief is that the Iranian government is trying to obtain nuclear capability and will do whatever it takes."
Poor Nemazee. He thinks that something being a complete and utter fabrication is enough to protect his name. Here's how it works: They make something up. They repeat it a million times. The mainstream media debate "both sides" as though one side can't be proven false with simple facts. It becomes "truth" in the minds of idiots (51% of the country). The Democrats and our souls lose once again. QED. Oh! The best part:
Corsi, meanwhile, plans to relocate from New Jersey to Massachusetts to establish residency and run for Senate against Kerry in 2008.
Where's a rapture when you need it?

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