Friday, February 04, 2005

Horrible State of The Union

I don't mean the speech, I mean the freakin' Union. Man, are we in trouble...

Anyway, I bet you've been wondering, "Hey, why haven't those geniuses over at DoG written about the president's speech on Wednesday?" Well, I had planned to, and I had some nice snarky comments about the way Bush does a take to the camera after every sentence like the Church Lady after she says, "Satan!" Or wondering if that soldier's parents were the only two parents the president could find because of the strict requirements for a seat next to Laura for all non-Iranian spies: straight, white, still married, and not hating the president for killing their son.

But after a day of thoughtful reflection, I decided that all of the blogs and leftish websites out there had covered the lies in excruciating detail. I have little to add. If you're searching for some good debunking, Think Progress did a fabulous job.

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