Monday, February 07, 2005

As If Fear of Death Wasn't Bad Enough

Three easy steps that you can take to become an asshole (if you happen to be president):

1) Cut taxes on rich people. (this can be accomplished any number of ways, but look first to capital gains taxes, taxes on interest, and taxes on dividends)

2) Start a war for no good reason on trumped up evidence. (ideally sending undertrained soldiers without the proper equipment needed to save their lives)

3) While the soldiers are still being killed daily, inform them that you're cutting their health benefits and make those deadbeat "injured" soldiers pay for their own food while they're recovering in the VA hospital. (mentioning that you're going to extend the rich guy tax cuts at this point is not recommended, although if you did, you would then be eligible for the annual "W" Douchebag of the Year Award)

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