Monday, February 14, 2005

At Least Someone Finally Said It

Thanks to the article in the Times the other day, they're calling for hearings to discuss Condoleezza's lies and the big 9/11 coverup that's been going on for about three and a half years now.

In a letter to the chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, Tom Davis, Rep. Waxman (D-CA) writes: [pdf]

We are writing to request that our Committee hold hearings to investigate two extremely serious questions raised by an article that appeared in this morning's New York Times. The first question is whether the Administration misused the classification process to withhold, for political reasons, official 9/11 Commission staff findings detailing how federal aviation officials received multiple intelligence reports warning of airline hijackings and suicide attacks before September 11. The second question related to the veracity of statements, briefings, and testimony by then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice regarding this issue.
Ooh! Waxman can smell the burning pants too! Anyway, it goes on to detail all the lying bullshit this chick has been doing, and the ways in which BushCo has been covering it up in the name of Freedom. Sic 'em Henry!

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