Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Speaking of Torture

I've been reading right-wing blogs today. Don't ask me why. Every once in a while, you come across a good one. Um... I mean good example of how stupid people can be:

Freedom Fighters

U.S. President George W. Bush shakes hands with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko at NATO headquarters in Brussels, February 22, 2005. Yushckenko was invited to a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission on Tuesday, as heads of state and government from 26 NATO countries met for a discussion on transatlantic issues at the highest level.

This is the first meeting between the two since the Orange Revolution uprising in the Ukraine last year. The Pro-West Yushchenko who was poisoned in the run up to the Ukrainian election won the re-vote in the Ukraine late last year.

Mr Yushchenko said the regime which had been in power for the past 14 years was now into its last days and the world had seen a "different country".

"I think it would be appropriate to compare this to the fall of the Soviet Union or the fall of the Berlin Wall," he said.

"Now every corner of the world knows Ukraine," he said.

And today, every corner of the world saw the workings of the Bush Doctrine.

President Yushchenko already has his own connection to Washington. Mrs. Yushchenko worked for the first President Bush in the Treasury Department.
What's that? Hey, I've been a big supporter of Yushchenko on these pages. But the problem with Dipshit's logic there is that the people of Ukraine created their own freedom, not Bush. The Bush Doctrine is a little different, isn't it? Ukraine - peaceful protests. Bush Doctrine - 100,000 dead civilians. Ukraine - pictures of election fraud brings a re-vote. Bush Doctrine - pictures of tortured prisoners causes Bush to declare cameras unamerican.

I think WE could learn a few things about democracy from Ukraine, not the other way around.

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