Friday, February 04, 2005

Hot Girl on Cartoon Action

The Republicans are so batshit crazy, they don't even know what to attack anymore. If it's not SpongeBob, it's PBS just happening to show a pair of real-life lesbians in the background of a kid's show.

They don't want homosexuality to become commonly accepted, I understand that, despite the fact that I think they're dead fucking wrong. But in the case of this show, it was that the PBS cartoon went to a farm to learn about cows, and it just happened to be a farm run by some lesbian couple. In fact, only an adult would even know that they're a lesbian couple. Two women on a farm - it's not like they dug through a chest of dildos or something.

But that's all beside the point. This incident displays the true cruelty of the Republican party. Without putting a value judgment on homosexuality, the fact is that there are at least a small percentage of children growing up in same-sex parent homes, right? There is nothing in the world the GOP can do to stop that. I personally know at least one little girl whose father came to realize that he liked men and had to move out of mommy's house. Inexplicably, he is still a good man, and a great father. Shouldn't we, as a society, help those children out as best we can? If we keep our kids thinking that homosexuality is some terrible thing, these kids, however few, will grow up ashamed of their parents, confused and alone. The other kids at school won't know better than to pick on that kid unmercifully, that's how kids are. This poor, innocent kid - who Republicans pretend to care about - will grow up all messed in the head with a completely spoiled childhood.

Just for that kid's sake, shouldn't we do what we can to expose all kids to non-conventional families (whatever that means - there's nothing "conventional" about my family) to, at the very least, let them know that they're not alone; that they're not in a freak family? I think we should. The Republicans think that kid should grow up a schoolyard pariah as punishment for his or her parent's "sinful" behavior. And that's the only thing to be ashamed of here.

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