Friday, November 05, 2004

Who saw the "President's" press conference yesterday? Check it:

Q Mr. President -- thank you. As you look at your second term, how much is the war in Iraq going to cost? Do you intend to send more troops, or bring troops home? And in the Middle East, more broadly, do you agree with Tony Blair that revitalizing the Middle East peace process is the single most pressing political issue facing the world?

THE PRESIDENT: Now that I've got the will of the people at my back, I'm going to start enforcing the one-question rule. That was three questions.


Q Thank you, Mr. President. How will you go about bringing people together? Will you seek a consensus candidate for the Supreme Court if there's an opening? Will you bring some Democrats into your Cabinet?

THE PRESIDENT: Again, he violated the one-question rule right off the bat. Obviously, you didn't listen to the will of the people.

Um... The will of the people, Mr. President? a) 51% does not constitute some sort of landslide. b) We voted for President, who by definition, is here to serve us, not the other way around. I don't remember there being a option to vote you in as all-powerful dictator. OK? It's your job to answer our questions.


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