Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I wish I wrote this one.

In the meantime, the South actually wants to secede again. Oh god, please do. I'm begging you!

Just for fun, here's a taste of the latter article:
"For many decades, conservative citizens and like-minded political leaders (starting with President Calvin Coolidge) have been denigrated by the vilest of lies and characterizations from hordes of liberals who now won't even admit that they are liberals--because the word connotes such moral stink and political silliness. As a class, liberals no longer are merely the vigorous opponents of the Right; they are spiteful enemies of civilization's core decency and traditions."

For the record, people, I am a liberal. No doubt about it. And red states, blue states, purple states, whatever - you are too. More to come on this, but I am sick and fucking tired of people thinking that liberalism isn't exactly what made this country great. Civil rights, health care, medicare, social security, unions enforcing humane labor laws... I could go on and on. Who is watching out for civilization's decency and traditions exactly? Oh yeah...

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