Thursday, November 11, 2004

Suck it, world!

As one would expect, the red-staters have countered our heartfelt apology to the world, in the only way they know how - with a metaphorical one-fingered victory salute. Natch. It has the catchy and original title, We're Not Sorry.

But don't dismiss it so quickly. The pictures posted there are illuminating for those of us insulated in our Reality-Based worlds such as New York City (in my case), Boston, Madison, Ann Arbor, wherever. Here, we can see the faces (and rotund bodies) of the people who voted for Bush unapologetically.

For starters, here's my favorite. Notice how he's peering suspiciously out his window with an arsenal of firearms in his pants. What's he looking for out there? Is he holding a group of hostages, and he's checking out the FBI and ATF parked outside? Is he the victim of multiple alien abductions and he's worried the aliens are due to return soon? Or is it just the commonplace spying on his teenage neighbor taking her weekly outdoor shower? We'll never know...

Special New D/G Feature! The first person to submit a final count of the number of firearms present in the pictures receives a special, secret prize!

Happy counting!

(In keeping with the tradition of pseudonymous D/G staffers, I'd like to thank our newest addition to the team, who I shall call The Minority Whip until she demands I change it, for bringing this site to my attention.)

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