Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I wanted to write something seconding my coeditor's piece about the six people who most threaten American Democracy, with one minor change. I think John Ashcroft deserves more than honorable mention. He's up around #3 or #4 in my book. But then our favorite pseudonymous researcher, The Jeffersonian, directed my attention to this.

Today, we are all truly blessed. This man... What to say about this man? He never would have gotten the Attorney General gig if he could have beaten a dead guy in his Senate reelection bid. He believes that drinking and dancing are a sin. His disgraceful record in Congress is well summarized here. There's the rounding up of thousands of innocent people and dropping them off in the no-man's land that we call Guantanamo Bay. And last but not least, there's the Patriot Act. Oh, Patriot Act. I'd love to say that we'll miss you, but you're not going anywhere, are you? Like a boil that can't be lanced, you'll be hovering over us, watching our every move 'til the end of time...

Sayonara, Mr. Ashcroft. Hope the job didn't weaken your heart, or destroy your family, or give you the night terrors. All our best in your future endeavors!

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emeryroolz said...

I didn't put Ashcroft in there because he's on his way out, smart guy.