Monday, November 08, 2004

More great stuff on the NY Times Op-Ed page...

Wondering what Senator Gary Hart has been up to?

He first discusses his upbringing as an evangelical Christian, and follows it up with:
"I believe that one's religious beliefs - though they will and should affect one's outlook on public policy and life - are personal and that America is a secular, not a theocratic, republic. Because of this, it should concern us that declarations of "faith" are quickly becoming a condition for seeking public office."

I'll tell you what he's been up to - he's been busy becoming my favorite out-of-office politician. (Up with Bob Kerrey, that is.) Think about it - Monica Lewinsky made Gary Hart's sex scancal seem like a day at Chuck E. Cheese with the kids. Come back, Gary! We need you!

And then, the normally bland Bob Herbert writes...

"How do you make a rational political pitch to people who have put that part of their brain on hold? No wonder Bush won."

Thank you! FINALLY someone is saying it. The Bush voters are dumb. It's been studied to death in the PIPA Report, but no one in the news will talk about it! *Insider info* Here's how they start an editorial meeting at these pseudo-news networks: "No matter what, we mustn't insult our audience! They might not buy the Nikes and Chicken Tendercrisps we're hocking every 12 minutes!"

Kudos to Bob Herbert for calling it like he sees it. Bravo to you, sir!
(And special thanks to D/G's newest staffer, who likes to be called The Jeffersonian, for directing my attention to these columns.)

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