Monday, November 08, 2004

How about a little more Monday morning quarterbacking about the election? Here's my question - Why didn't Kerry make more of an issue regarding the environment? Check this out.

Think about it. Bush's record on the environment is plain awful, (although I must admit no worse than on Iraq, terrorism, the tax code, upholding the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, etc.). The people, in overwhelming numbers, support - you know - breathable air and drinkable water. But no one outside of the brilliant Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the freakin' Queen of England have mentioned it at all in the last 18 months.

There was the whole Enron screwing California situation. The President's own FDA recommends that pregnant women and children not eat fish because of the crazy amount of Mercury in it, (courtesy of the Bush cronies' coal plants). Childhood asthma has doubled in the last twenty years. This seems like a winning issue to me. The environment used to be a conservative issue. It was Richard Nixon who created the EPA, after all. Nixon! How bad of a situation do you have to be in when you can look UP to Nixon?!

When you consider all the hunters and farmers of the red states, and with all of the local environmental laws that were passed state-by-state, (not that we'd know about that from the ever-illuminating mainstream press), this is a winning issue. And let's face it - when we talk about "morals" issues, what could be more moral than protecting this planet, (or a better way to phrase it - what could be more immoral than destroying it)? It's the only one we got, people. Maybe next time, we should make the environment our wedge issue...

Ah, whatever. Breathing and drinking are overrated anyhow.

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