Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Jesus Strikes Again!

Big Brother (AKA - the FCC), have their panties in a bunch again - this time over a ridiculously harmless shot of a woman's back during a Monday Night Football broadcast on ABC. Seriously, red-staters, kids go to the beach, you know. It's likely that your precious baby just might see a woman's naked back at some point before his wedding night, when he loses his virginity in a confusing and traumatic, but church-sanctioned love-making ceremony.

Here is FCC Commissioner Michael Powell's money quote:
"I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud."

ABC is owned by Disney, if you live under a rock. You know what else Disney has been responsible for?

E! Entertainment Television
Lifetime Television
The Bachelor
Boston Legal
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Madonna: Truth or Dare
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Gangs of New York
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Crow

And any number of other Jesus-offending motion pictures and television programs. I think Walt is resting just fine. Or is he?

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