Friday, March 31, 2006

Associated Press or Animal Planet?

I was perusing the AP wire this morning, and I noticed these three stories in a row:

Cat waves paw for help? Is this a joke? No. They take it superseriously too.
Collierville Animal Services supervisor Nina Wingfield said she heard a "hoarse meow" after she arrived at the house.

"When he knew we were there, it was a very hoarse, frantic meow," she said.

Wingfield freed the feline by cutting away the wall board with a knife.

"He had his paw out touching -- not clawing -- the whole time, like he was saying 'Come on! Come on,'" Wingfield said.
A hoarse, frantic meow? They have got to stop letting Old Lady Jenkins write the early morning stories.


GoldGirl said...

I just read another animal headline..."Kennel Owner Won't Sell Puppy to Lesbian"-- here's a link:

What is that about? Is the puppy going to start humping same sex dogs in the park? What is wrong with people?

Michael Grant said...

I will tolerate gay men and women. But if there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's gay animals. I don't need Rex and Fido checking out my ass every time I leave the room.

emeryroolz said...

I like the kitty picture...

Matthew Smith said...

You may not want them checking out your ass, but it's a whole new ballgame when you break out the peanut butter.