Thursday, March 30, 2006

Welcome Home, Jill

American reporter Jill Carroll was released today after three months in captivity. Even though I usually complain about how we focus on one person being missing or dead or kidnapped or whatever and ignore all the other misfortunate souls. With her, I don't know, I was pulling for her.

Well, alright... Now that she's going to be OK, I'll admit it. I find her cute. Is that so bad? Does that mean that I think ugly people should be kidnapped and executed? Of course not! But you see her face on TV, and you pay attention for that extra second. It happens. Sue me.

Of course, Jill isn't the first attractive reporter to come out of the Christian Science Monitor. I remember the six month crush I had on one Ms. Liz Marlantes (the picture does not do her justice). What kind of cute reporter farm are they running over there?

Anyway... Yeah, I'm happy you're OK, Jill.

(drop me a line when you're up to it)

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