Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Take a moment, won't you, and check out my friend's blog. I know - that he would associate with me makes him immediately suspect, but give him a break. He's got a good head on his shoulders. And now that I know he wastes time with this nonsense too, I feel confident that I do have enough time to school his ass in fantasy baseball this year.

Moving on...


Matthew Smith said...

Thanks for the plug. Frankly, I'm still reeling over the news that we're friends (I understand why you can't call me a fantasy baseball peer, what with all your last place finishes). Still, I had always thought of you as a friend of a friend of a we're BFF - who knew?

And to the multitude of DoG fans: don't expect anything as well-written, informed or thought out as what appears on this site. Do expect lots of uses of the word "douchebag".

Michael Grant said...

I was using the word friend euphemistically, as in - "George W. Bush, a highly regarded friend of the working class." And "good head on his shoulders" should definitely be considered full-on ironic.