Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Out With the Old, In With the Same

"Major" shakeup at the White House. Some guy that no one who doesn't waste his life paying attention to this crap knows resigned, to be replaced with some other Bush crony. Whoop-de-doo! You either want to shake things up, and you dump Cheney and Rumsfeld. Or you want to present the appearance of change without really doing anything at all. Has Bush ever done anything other than the latter?

Did you see the press conference today, by the way? That little hug/backslap/keep-your-body-angled-toward-the-camera-and-don’t-get-too-gay-on-me thing at the end was one of the most awkward political moments I've seen since Al smashed his face against Tipper's in the most public display of loveless affection ever witnessed.

Anyway, I put the over/under on Andy Card's lobbyist salary at $2 million/year. Place your bets, people!

1 comment:

Matthew Smith said...

I'll take the over. He'll make an easy $5 mil in just over 9 months in 2006.

Of course, he will owe only $6,800 in taxes thanks to friends in high places. It's good to be the king.;