Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Did All the Good Things

Everyone else did the bad things. Like Ronald Reagan taking credit for ending the Cold War (it takes logic and reason to differentiate between cause-and-effect and coincidence, therefore Republicans are unable to do so – like when a comet came followed by a plague back in the good-ol-days), President Bush loves to take credit for the "good" things that happened under his watch. Libya gave up its weapons program, Syria pulled out of Lebanon, there haven't been any attacks since 9/11, etc.

I'll be waiting for Bush to apologize for this whole Hamas landslide in Palestine. "Oops! My bad. Israel and Palestine peace is over, folks. I guess I shoulda played it different-like. Heh-heh-heh..."

I'll also be waiting for similar apologies for 9/11 itself, North Korea getting the bomb, Iran about to get the bomb, the recent coal mine deaths, and the massive devastation in New Orleans. Oh yeah, and I seem to recall invading someone on completely bullshit evidence. That one might not be a coincidence though.

Come to think of it... Ah, never mind.

UPDATE: Oh well... Bush insists that we won't deal with Hamas because they're committed to the destruction of Israel and therefore, they are not a partner in peace. Then, without irony, he says, "And we're interested in peace."

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