Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Corrupt and Incompetent

Hold your horses there, champ. This one's not about Bush. It's about Bush's favorite no-bid-contract-getting' company, Halliburton.

We already know that Halliburton is pilfering our treasury for billions of dollars, but are they at least doing the job that they are being grossly overpaid to do? 'Fraid not...

You see, one of the things they are supposed to be doing is taking our soldiers' shit and dumping it in the Euphrates river. (Has there ever been, in the history of the planet, a more apt metaphor?) What are they doing instead? Putting it back into the soldiers' own water supply.

This means that thanks to Halliburton/KBR thousands of troops and contract employees stationed at the Ar Ramadi base in Iraq have been using a contaminated bilge for bathing, showering, shaving, laundry and cleaning.

According to one of the whistleblowers who first told this amazing story to Halliburton Watch, the troops have also ignored advisories and used this septic sluice to brush their teeth and make coffee.
Now, that's what I call respecting the troops. My only hope is that when Bush administration officials visit Iraq, they brush their teeth with the same shitwater that the soldiers use.

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