Thursday, January 05, 2006

Born to Cheat

There was a funny bit in the LA Times yesterday. In a piece doing a general profile of Jack Abramoff, they uncover this nugget:

Steven Herbert, a freelance journalist who writes for The Times' sports section and attended the same schools a year behind Abramoff, recalled an early setback for Abramoff. He ran for student council president at the Hawthorne School, a Beverly Hills elementary and middle school, in 1972. Heading into a runoff election, Abramoff was disqualified for exceeding the spending limit. The principal, Herbert recalled, penalized Abramoff for holding a party, stating it amounted to a campaign expenditure that pushed him over the limit.
From pizza parties to Super Bowl parties, he just can't resist sweetening the deal, can he? That principal was so ahead of his time.

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