Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who? My Name Is *wiki wiki* Slim Shady

Can you imagine this? I mean can you fucking imagine?

She emerged from her coma-like state and started to speak more than two weeks ago.

But, to the family gathered at her bedside, she was still saying things that didn't make sense.

Now they know why: She wasn't their sister and daughter, Laura VanRyn, 22, whom everyone believed had survived a van crash five weeks ago. In an incredible mix-up, she was really VanRyn's fellow student, Whitney Cerak, an 18-year-old woman also in the April 26 crash that killed five people along an Indiana highway.

Cerak's parents, meanwhile, believed they had already buried their daughter near their home in Gaylord.
The one family has a funeral for their daughter who is actually alive and almost-well in the hospital, while the other family is unimaginably relieved that their daughter is ok, but she’s already in the ground. Fucked up, man. Fucked UP!

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