Friday, June 30, 2006

Activist Judges!

In a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court told Bush to go fuck himself and the horse he pretended to ride in on.

(By the by, it was 5-3 because Chief Justice Roberts -- you know the one with the Stepford wife and the dance machine demon spawn -- respectfully declined to participate. But make no mistake about his would-be vote. It was he who agreed with the Bush administration which got the case in front of the Supreme Court, and Roberts’ ass on the bench.)

Anyway… The Supreme Court decided that people are people and you can’t be stashin’ folks away without proper trials, and oh by the way, the Geneva Conventions apply to everyone. Good news for human rights. Bad news for people who get hard-ons putting electrodes on scrota and watching guys crap their pants, i.e. – the Bush administration. Don’t worry, George. I’m sure Pat Robertson will instruct his followers to pray to Jesus so that He might give Ginsberg more cancer or put a load of scorpions in Stevens’ bed.

And we can all get back on the torture train. Woo-woo!!

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