Monday, July 18, 2005

How Low Can You Go?

That's right, ladies and gentleman. It's time for another rousing game of Political Limbo, mon… Let's watch and enjoy as Bush sets the standards bar lower and lower - low enough for Bush's Machiavelli, Karl Rove to keep his job:

President Bush said Monday that if anyone in his administration committed a crime in connection with the public leak of the identity of an undercover CIA operative, that person will "no longer work in my administration." At the same time, Bush again sidestepped a question on the role of his top political adviser, Karl Rove, in the matter.
If you recall, Bush and McClellan both were previously quoted as saying that anyone having anything to do with the leak would be fired. But once it became clear that it wasn't a few bad apples in the lower ranks, the bar for dismissal has become significantly higher, hasn't it. Now the man has to have committed a crime. Welcome to Bush's world, folks. A world where the more entitled and higher up in the chain of command you go, the bigger you have to fuck up to get canned.

The man committed treason, essentially. Outing not only Valerie Plame, but the CIA front company that she started and worked at overseas and which currently provides cover (at least it used to) for countless other agents and foreign sources of intel related to WMD. But hey, if we can't get Karl's circumstances to fit the narrow letter of the law in this case, all the better! Let him live to undermine our national security another day. This whole national security thing is so less important than Bush's best friend and political attack dog keeping his job.

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