Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Makes Sense to Me

Don’t assume that just because I’m writing this that means that it surprises me. It’s just worth saying out loud is all. Fox News, you know Fox News – the fair and balanced “news” channel? – they are prepping for the upcoming Steel Cage Battle Royale that’s brewing over the new SCOTUS nomination. (Why hast thou forsaken us Sandra?) So they decided to hire a new “Supreme Court Analyst” much like Stephen Colbert being Senior Media Analyst or Senior Child Molestation Expert, but I digress. Fox hired C. Boyden Gray to fill the post.

Not familiar with his work?

Gray is founder and chairman of the Committee for Justice, a group formed to advance the confirmation of President Bush's judicial nominees. In a May 24 profile of Gray, The Washington Post reported: "Every Monday morning for months, veteran Washington lawyer C. Boyden Gray has plotted strategy via a conference call with the heads of groups that want to ease the confirmation of President Bush's judicial nominees. He has also spent many hours raising millions of dollars for the cause." The Committee for Justice has stated its intention to shape the way the media cover the nomination of a new justice."
I guess there’s no better way to “shape the way media cover the nomination” than to just go into the media and pretend to be an unbiased “analyst.”

I know, now you’re saying, dude, it’s par for the course for them. But that’s because you’re smart and you’d never watch Fox News in the first place. The hooples that watch Fox News don’t know they’re getting government propaganda oozing directly out of Satan’s mouth and onto their tv screens. They actually think it’s fair and balanced.

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