Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush is Responsible for 7/7

Forget this Karl Rove endangering our national security interests for his own political gain crap. Let's go right to the top. Remember how Bush and Ridge kept raising the terror alert level whenever Kerry ticked up a point in the polls in 2004? Yeah, and remember how they would then come out and say, "so-and-so is a high level operative in al Qaeda and he's giving us hella-intel on future terror attacks."? Yeah, and then remember when other countries started complaining about it saying how they were pursuing other leads from that operative and now every lead has gone into hiding?

One of those leads was one of the bombers in the London attacks. Read it for yourself.

And from now on, if you ever have any doubt whether Bush is in this for the good of the country or in it for his own political power and the profits of his cronies, reread it.

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