Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Don't Fear the Reaper

Well, things are going for shit for Bush the last week or so. They are reverting to crouch mode (that's an evil crouch, if you're scoring at home), and doing the two things they do best -- Lie with the most brazen, ridiculous lies possible, and change the subject.

Ken Mehlman started with task one on Meet the Press on Sunday.

Democrat partisans on the Hill have engaged in a smear campaign where they have attacked Karl Rove on the basis of information which actually vindicates and exonerates him, not implicates him.
And task two - Bush is going to move the Supreme Court nomination process forward by choosing his nominee this week. I suspect that he might choose an even crazier nutjob than he might otherwise have. All the better for distracting the media and Democrats. And that is, of course, the most honorable and forthright way to choose a person to fill a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. Anyway, in order to prepare for the post I will write after the nomination comes out, I'm going to do a dry run today, where I can just circle the appropriate words after the name is released. In place of the nominee's name, I will use a randomly chosen place-filler – "Religofascist Creepshow."

Unbelievable! I can't believe… well actually I can believe that Bush chose Religofascist Creepshow as his Supreme Court nominee. RC has a long history of being obsequious to (his/her) (donors/supporters/bible-thumping friends). When (evil corporation) was in trouble for (poisoning children/raping the environment/scamming money from the government/scamming money from grandma), RC voted on the side of (evil corporation), and in fact wrote the minority opinion. RC's colleagues wrote for the majority:
Judge Creepshow's opinion demonstrates (his/her) true intentions and that is to (undermine our legal protections/further enrich massive global corporations/kill off the weak and the lame).
Early on in (his/her) career, while a local judge, RC sentenced four (black/latino) teens to death for (smoking marijuana/yelling at a cop/riding their bikes on the wrong side of the street). The sentence was later overturned on appeal. Religofascist Creepshow has a known pattern of corruption. In one case, a (mobster/klansman/republican) appeared before (him/her) on a murder trial. The defendant had shot a local priest dead pointblank in front of the entire congregation and in view of three security cameras. Judge Creepshow found the defendant not guilty. When (he/she) was up for reelection the following fall it was discovered that the defendant had given RC over $50,000 for (his/her) election campaign.

Religofascist Creepshow and George W. Bush go way back. Back when W was a "businessman," he appeared before Judge Creepshow to explore (new oil drilling/relaxing pollution laws/ripping off old people). Their plan involved forcibly removing thousands of people from their homes, stealing whatever cash was lying around, bulldozing the homes, and beating the living crap out of anyone who tried to stay behind. RC was in full support of the plan, and in fact signed arrest warrants for any trouble-makers or rabble-rousers. They became fast friends. Since then, RC has stayed in lockstep with every Bush policy all the way up to the governor's office. RC became known in local circles as Judge Rubber Stamp for (his/her) penchant for signing anything Bush asked for without reading it. Judge Creepshow is widely considered directly responsible for the massive increase in (asthma in children/diabetes/forest fires/corporate corruption/birth defects) in Texas over the last fifteen years.

That Bush would choose for the Supreme Court someone so beholden to corporate interests, so obsequious to Bush's demands, and so blatantly opposed to human and civil rights should come as no surprise to any of us. But it should make us hang our heads in shame at how far down this partisan road he has taken us. Welcome to Bush's America.

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