Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Are We Being Punk'd?

That wacky president of ours has chosen a few Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients. Are you sitting down?

And the winners are... Former CIA chief George Tenet, former head of the US Authority in Iraq Paul Bremer and former CentComm Commander Tommy Franks.

What the fuck?

Come on, folks. Any living American not named George, Donald, or Condoleezza has done more for the security of this country than those three men. Wow. I mean, WOW!

In case you've forgotten, it was George Tenet who was in charge of intelligence during a little thing we like to call September 11th. Remember that? And then of course, there's the infamous slam dunk quote, referring to how certain it was that there were nuclear weapons in Iraq.

Paul Bremer... Well, good ol' Paulie, as his friends [don't] call him, was the military genius who disbanded the Iraqi army essentially creating the insurgency that we see today in Iraq. Jolly good show, Mr. Bremer!

Ah, yes, and General Tommy Franks. The military tends to be secretive about their internal goings-on, so I'm not quite sure what he's responsible for. But I know this - he was in charge when we went into Iraq, and that place is a steaming pile of shit today. It seems to me that if a general is worthy of the highest civilian honor we give out in this country, shouldn't that general have actually, oh I don't know, WON a fucking war?

Did Kennedy give the Medal of Freedom to the idiots who planned the Bay of Pigs? Am I crazy here?

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